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iPad Head studies :

A couple of head studies I sculpted on the iPad using forger app.

left : Generic African male head study,my first sculpt on the iPad, 100% forger. started from my personal generic head basemesh
right : Letho fan art. Had to sculpt it, instantly, right after watching the witcher cinematic :P started from my basemesh, sculpted in forger, a quick extra detail layer done in mudbox due to forger's poly limit

Speed Sculpts :

DIABLO III Fan Art : A quick bust that I sculpted from a cube to get used to my new Intuos4 M. Based on a concept from Diablo III

Diablo III Fan Art

Tree Monster : This is my 1st prize winning entry for CGTantra's Modeling Challenge : "Detailed Organic Tree". He is a Tree Monster who enjoys collecting skulls. Time Taken : 3 days

Tree Monster ... BOoooh !

BULL-DOG : My Entry for Tweak's Speed Modeling Showdown - Mutant Animals ,3 hrs

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