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Update Log :

April 12th : Final Textures,Posed

April 7th : Texture Update

March 20th : Armour Texture Update + Matte Painted BG WIP + Photoshopped Glow

March 14th : Skin Update + Renders [in Pose] + Renders [armour,plain materials]

March 12th : Skin Preview

March 11th : New Skin + Quick Composite Test

March 7th : New Skin [Thanks to marc mordelet]

March 6th : SSS + Color Variation

February 28th : PS Preview + Base

February 26th : Material WIP

February 25th : Color Map WIP

February 23rd : Texture Base + Test Pose + Test Pose Hires + 360 view Video

February 20th : Skin Detail WIP

February 18th : Mouth

February 16th : Primary Weapon

February 15th : Secondary Weapon

February 14th : Weapon WIP

February 12th : "Marble Renders" + Feet Fix

February 11th : Basic Sculpt Done + SSS Test

February 10th : WIP Armour[Back/Tail]

February 8th : WIP Armour[Waist Belt]

February 7th : WIP Armour[Skull2]

February 5th : WIP Armour[Skull]

February 3rd : WIP Details + Silly Render 2

February 1st :WIP Details + More Views

January 30th : WIP Head + Silly Render

January 28th : WIP Feet

January 23rd : WIP Thighs

January 21st : WIP Hands 1

January 19th : WIP Arms 1

January 18th : WIP Torso 3

January 17th : WIP Torso 2

January 16th : WIP Torso

January 15th - Sculpt 1st Division Done : Division 1 | Wire [22k tris]

January 12th - Sculpt WIP[1st Division] : WIP Sculpt

January 8th - UVs : UV Template

January 4th - Armour Blockout WIP : Updated Bandages

January 2nd - Armour Blockout WIP : Armour WIP [Will redo the bandages]


December 30th - Armour Design Final : Armour Test [over the posed basemesh] + Fixed Feet + Armour Test (b) [with an Xtra load of PS ;) ]

December 28th - Sculpt Test[1st SubDiv] : TEST + TWEAKED BASE

December 20th - Base Mesh Finished! :::The Base Mesh::

December 18th - Base Mesh Fixing : Almost done with the basemesh >> Update

December 17th - Base Mesh Fixing : Finished fixing the edgeflow of the lower half >> Update

Blockout : :The Blockout::


Concept Art :

Creature : The "Dinosaur" Part is based loosely on a T-Rex;and the 'Minotaur' part is inspired and based on Aaron St Goddard's Minotaur Concept.

Armour : The Armour Design is mostly inspired by Samurais,Egyptian Hieroglyphs,Dinosaurs[T-Rex Claws+Stegosaur Spikes] and Blizzard's Artwork.

Credits :

Kolby Jukes,the person who inspired me to start on this character.

Background from my first composite is a photograph taken by Allan aka deviantanonymous from Deviantart.

Vray Skin Shader based on Marc Mordlet's shader.

Jignesh and Mr.Dan Hecht for helping me with the Lighting Setup.

Mr.Dan Hecht,Mr.Giovanni Nakpil , Heber Alvarado and my Guru Jeremey Smith for their wonderful tips and inspirational artwork.

My friends and all the members of TWEAK!,Mudbox,CGTalk and CGTantra Forums for their great support & feedback.

DVDs that helped me on my way : Sub-D Creature Modelling - By Dominic Qwek,Digital Sculpting: Human Anatomy - By Zack Petroc,Drawing Dinosaurs: Anatomy and Sketching - By David KRENTZ.

Awards: Amazing CG[3D] Excellence Showcase Award


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