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Rock Band 2

Industry: Video Game Company: Liquid Development Client: Harmonix

Project Details (March 2008) :

A couple of instruments I did for this game. I was responsible for creation of the complete asset [Hipoly,Lowpoly,UVs, Normals/AO renders,Diffuse,Specular,Mask Maps].

"The Hand" - Concept Guitar :

More Pics :


"Bones and Spikes" - Concept Mic :

More Pics :


Rock Band 2 Wii Asset Conversion :

The following are some of the 360/PS3 assets that I was only responsible for converting to the Wii Specs. I had to reduce the polycount and convert the normal/diffuse maps into a new diffuse map.

Pics : Female Eyebandage | Pig Mask | Hockey Mask | Female Masque


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