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Wrigley's Hoops

Industry: Advertising Company: Liquid Development Client: Wrigley's

Project Details (November 2007) :

The main character for a Wrigley's/NBA promo contest "Wrigley's Hoops Challenge". I was responsible for creation of the complete character [Hipoly,Lowpoly,UVs, Normals/AO renders,Diffuse,Specular, variations] and the basketball.

Final Lowpoly Character

Final Hipoly Model

More Pics :


Direction: Dan Hecht, Darren Bartlett, Phillip Frantiz [WDDG]

Character Concept: Ryan Gibson

Animation: Jason Baskett

Court design and Rendering: Dan Hecht

Hoop: John Joshua

Wrigley's Brands - Big Red, Doublemint, Juicy Fruit, Spearmint, Winterfresh © 2008, Wm. WRIGLEY Jr. Company. NBA logo © 2008 NBA Media Ventures, LLC.

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